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Pricing is subject to change.

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Temperament Test and Evaluations

Via video call is $45, $65 in person not including travel fees. We will evaluate your puppy to see if they are the right match for service work and your needs.

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Private Session Bundle

a package of six private sessions to help owner trainers

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Pet Training Package

Pet training package includes six lessons. (Travel fees not included, no travel fees if within 35 min radius)


Board and Train

(Two weeks minimum)
Your dog will receive intensive, customized training while they stay at our home!

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Fully Trained Service Dog

(Please call for current waitlist)

Price of puppy not included. Your dog will be boarded and trained for approximately 2 years and come home with impeccable obedience, public access skills, and as many tasks as the handler needs. We will provide lifelong assistance and trouble shooting for your service dog even after graduation. Once a Thunderbolt, always a Thunderbolt!

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Partially Trained Service Dog

Price of puppy not included.
This can include starting a puppy or even finishing a dog's training that you or someone else started. Potty training, basic obedience, service dog foundations, basic public access skills, and at least one task will be covered for starter dogs. For already trained dogs, we will fine tune and proof existing training and finish their tasks.

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$60/ per hour

Owner Training Assistance Program

Pay as you go! Our program students get a discounted rate. This price does not include travel fees. (No travel fees for handlers located within a 35 minute radius.
Get assistance from start to finish without needing to board your dog. This includes weekly training lessons, set benchmarks, group classes, and a public access test.


Service Dog Day Training

(Price does not include travel fees, no travel fees for handlers within 35 min radius) This option is ideal for those days when your don't feel well but need to keep up with training. We come to you, pick up your dog, train in your area, and drop off your dog after two hours.

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Pet Dog Day Training

(Price does not include travel fees, no travel fees for handlers within 35 min radius)  We come to you, pick up your dog and train for the day or even a few hours. Minimum of 2 hours starting at $80.

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