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We are thrilled to welcome you to our website! We can't wait to assist you in getting started on your journey, whether you're starting from scratch or have a furry friend. Discover how we can help you today

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Accommodating Your Lifestyle

Fully Trained Service Dog - 

After being approved through our application process, you can decide which option works best for you. You can board and train your dog for the full two years and have team training once a month. This makes sense for those individuals whose disabilities make it hard to manage a dog that is still in training.


Owner Training Assistance

Instead of signing up for a single session, some individuals might want the private guidance and motivation of a professional to help them from start to finish. Our program benchmarks can help track your dog's progress to make sure they are where they should be. This is different from private classes because your dog will be apart of our program and be working towards the goal of TAD graduation. 

Please contact us so we can direct to the correct process depending on whether you have a dog already or not.

Partially Trained Service Dog

Our partial service dogs come fully house-trained, with basic obedience, basic public access skills, and at least one task. Let us do the dirty work and puppy raising! Then you can take over and start bonding at about 9 months old- with help just one call away. 

Contact Us

Thanks for submitting!


Making Training Accessible and Reliable

I realized there was a problem in the service dog community when I willingly handed over ten thousand dollars, thinking I was doing the right thing... only to be scammed by a local program and scrutinized by the service dog community for unknowingly using unorthodox training methods. The resources for service dog training were unbelievably hard to find. Many of the reputable programs have long wait lists or require you to fundraise $50,000. It is my utmost commitment to give disabled people the service dog resources they deserve and make information and training more accessible.

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